“Some people treat music like it’s a circus animal: they walk around it, whip it and try to tame it. Luckily we can say that Timo Kaukolampi is not one of those people. This cult producer treats aural arts with love, respect and dignity.

It doesn’t matter if he’s making a remix for Human League or Bob Hund, producing polished pop song for Annie or playing one chord endlessly in some obscure basement boogie band – The mystical element is always there. And the stench of unexpected. Because Timo Kaukolampi is not afraid of surprises.

His musical language was formed in early 90’s Finnish hardcore bands such as Amen, mutated later into the electric garage rumble of Larry and the Lefthanded and finally found its home in the spacy Gnostic disco of Op:l Bastards. (You remember Scorpius, right?) The happiest thing is that other people speak Kaukolampi’s language as well. For the last decade he’s been rockin’ clubs and festivals all over the globe and remixing the brightest stars of entertainment while still keeping his position.

“And what’s that position?”, You may ask. Chin up, legs slightly spread and face to the future.”

Perttu Häkkinen 2010

Since the development of the affordable music synthesiser through the early 1970′s the opportunity to provide an alternative to guitar-based pop has been the most exciting strand in commercial music. Its heroes are those who choose to challenge people to embrace novel sounds and techniques instead of anaesthetising people with the comfort of more skilfully produced versions of stuff they already know.

I might not have heard of the Op;l Bastards but for their shocking, scary and great remix of one of our more obscure singles. This led me later to snap up “The Job”. Vital for those passionate about a continuing tradition of synth music it is individual, thrilling but most of all (in an increasingly timid world) UNCOMPROMISING.

Among others it features the succulent “Funking”, “Scorpius” and “Sagittarius III” (both indispensible to any modern DJ) and “Sinulle” , now firmly in my collection of favourite ever instrumentals, with Hendrix and Moroder. In the besieged and defensive under-city cave that is the electro world “The Job” is a radiant jewel.

Viva Suomi! Philip Oakey 2007

“You don´t need to have a PHD in Philosophy to realize, that throughout the million-odd years of human kind we misunderstood some fundamental things. But you certainly need some gigantic balls to name the insanity on the B-side “Mankind Failed”. It´s truly the most exaggerated music piece of all times: the apocalypse, beat after beat lyrically narrated. Fantastic!”

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